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When you go on a date, you want to impress your date-mate. You want both of you to be excited about it. Basically, meeting new people and dating are intrinsic parts of life. People date when they want to find and live with people that make them feel loved and special. However, fixing a date is generally time-consuming. And if you don’t know how to be a great date, you might be doomed. Knowing how to be an awesome date makes the difference between a bad and a happy date. Here are tips on how to be a great date.

Be Yourself

Don’t try to be someone else to impress your date. If you do that and your date realizes it, you will ruin the experience. Therefore, be yourself and do things that you are happy and comfortable with.

Play by the Sexes Rule

As the guy, be charming and chivalrous. Make your date-mate feel special. Always remember that she deserves your attention and respect. For a girl, let the man make decisions and take control. Men like it when women make them feel in control of situations. So, help your date-mate feel this and he will love you more.

Don’t Give a One-Line Answer to a Question

When on a date, you can easily use monosyllables to answer questions. However, this doesn’t make you a great date. The reason for going on a date is to know each other. You also want to know if you are compatible. If you use monosyllables to answer questions, you make holding a conversation difficult.

Bear in mind the fact that your date wants to keep the conversation going. Therefore, help them out by giving answers that create opportunities for asking more questions and extending the conversation.

Focus on the Date

Regardless of what happens, your focus should be on your date. It will be very disrespectful if you exchange glances with someone else. If you do that, your date might also give you a bad treat. So, to avoid ending the date on a bad note, give your date attention. And even if you meet a friend that compels you to stop, talk with them for less than a minute and excuse yourself.

Turn Off Your Phone

Do not answer a phone call while on a date. Being in a long conversation over the phone while your date watches you and plays with food may be fun. However, it might end your date midway. Therefore, turn off your phone once you meet your date. If you must have the phone on, end every phone conversation as fast as possible.

Choose Topics Wisely

A date is about knowing each other. Therefore, tell your date about yourself. But, make sure that you don’t brag. Avoid subjects like your car or paycheck. Make sure that your date sees you as a humble person.

Avoid Dressing Down

The casual dress may seem perfect for a date. However, if you are meeting or having dinner at a swanky lounge, dress stunningly. Don’t look remotely shabby or dress down. Instead, make sure that you smell and look amazing.

Always remember that the guy should pay for the meals and services enjoyed during a date. Follow these tips and you will have an enjoyable and exciting date.

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